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<div class=”sectionhead”>Request For Title Services</div>
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[text saleprice “Sale Price $”]
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[text seller “Seller”]
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[text taxnum “Tax Number(s)*”]
Previous Title Evidence: [radio titleevi “Attached” “Unavailable”]

[textarea legaldesc “Legal Description”]

<div class=”sectionhead”>Requesting</div>
Property Type:
[radio PropertyType “Single Family Residence” “Duplex” “Townhouse” “Condo” “Vacant Lot” “Commercial” “Project” “New Construction” “Other”]

Transaction Type:
[radio TransactionType “Sale w/Mortgage” “Refinance” “Cash Sale” “Second Mtg./Home Equity” “Contract Sale” “Assumption” “Ownership & Property Lien Only” “New Construction” “Other”]

Special Endorsements:
[radio Endorsements “EPL Endorsement” “Condo Endorsement” “Location Endorsement” “ARM Endorsement” “PUD Endorsement” “Rev. Credit Endorsement” “Other”]

Additional Services:
[radio Additional “Construction Escrow” “Money Lender (Commercial) Escrow” “Deed & Money (Commercial) Escrow” “Agency (Residential) Escrow” “No Escrow Services Required” ]

<div class=”sectionhead”>Is this a rush order? (Additional Charges may apply)</div>
[radio charges “Yes” “No”]

<div class=”sectionhead”>Buyers</div>
[text buyeratty “Buyers Attorney”]
[text buyerphone “Buyers Phone”]
[text buyerfax “Buyers Fax”]
[text buyeremail “Buyers Email”]
<div class=”sectionhead”>Sellers</div>
[text selleratty “Sellers Attorney”]
[text sellerphone “Sellers Phone”]
[text sellerfax “Sellers Fax”]
[text selleremail “Sellers Email”]

<div class=”sectionhead”>Additional Info</div>
[textarea SpecialRequests placeholder “Special Requests/Comments”]

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